Process Audit

Six Sigma Quality Mantra - Inspect It

The Inspection Process

For the required results, the Inspection Process implements auditing elements that:

  • Restrict Variations
  • Impose Controls
  • Ingrain Accountability

This Process Audit is used throughout the Helgesen Business System as an embedded forcing function for the execution of key process elements.

R4 Production System

Helgesen R4 Quality System

Optimizing the manufacturing process maximizes:

  • Delivery
  • Productivity
  • Quality Performance

The Helgesen R4 Production System optimizes the manufacturing of products to customer demand by integrating processes and people in a continuous linear flow path.

The flow path or “production street” incorporates dedicated teams that link dissimilar work centers to maximize delivery, productivity, and quality performance. LEARN MORE

Rhino Principle

The Rhino Principle for Quality

Organizational functions designed to:

  • Empower Employees
  • Demand Accountability
  • Improve Commitment

The RHINO Principle is an Organizational Behavior Methodology used to empower employees to reach measurable objectives. The Rhino Principle must include forcing functions that demonstrate a commitment to improvement by demanding accountability.

Each employee plays a role in continuous improvement. The Rhino Principle connects three-year strategies with weekly and daily goals for all employees.

Simplified Six Sigma

S3 - Simplified Six Sigma Quality Oversight Protocols

Our simplified, systematic business approach:

  • Eliminates Process Paralysis
  • Provides Simplified Toolset
  • Implements Sustaining Controls

The Simplified Six Sigma Process (S3) eliminates “paralysis by analysis” by providing a simplified toolset and systematic approach to business process transformation and the implementation of sustaining controls that streamline the economic return on investment.

Zero-Defects Plan

Helgesen Six Sigma -  Zero Defects Plan

Process variations are corrected through:

  • Product Lifecycle Management — APQP, PPAP, mistake proofing, and change management
  • Integration of Effective Countermeasures — Sequence-based Control & “DON’T EXPECT IT, INSPECT IT” Auditing
  • Systematic Problem-solving Approaches — 8D & Simplified Six Sigma focused on the elimination of root causes.

Zero-Defects is an attitude shared by all Helgesen employees who aggressively attack process variations that create defects.